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Why shouldn't you look fabulous at 7 months?

Mama's hip
Pickles & Ice Cream Store

When you have a baby, suddenly you become aware of how important it is to have a nice, safe home in a good neighborhood in a good school system, with room to play and run. Call me to find the perfect home for you and your little one on the way. I'm always available at 777-3578.

Work out the policies with your agent. What are the pregnancy details that need to be worked out?

Keep checking back here as I develop the website further. I want to have articles on the following subjects, and I'm doing the research now.

How to plan a baby shower - talk with your friends who've done it before. They'll give the best advice on where to go near you. Also, go to store like Target and Lazarus where you can register for baby shower gifts. They have online guides as well. You can also go to the local baby stores and ask for advice.

Great gifts for baby showers - personalized gifts are best. Blocks and blankets maybe.

Finding a crib and finding a stroller - compare products for safety and utility.

Baby budget - how not to go broke buying all those diapers, bottles, cribs, shots, doctor visits, shoes, clothes and all those rolls of film!

Do you scrapbook? A wonderful way to remember all the cutest moments is to journal the everyday special times to remember. Take candid shots of baby at play, eating baby food, going to big sister's soccer games and visiting grandma.

Shots and doctors - Check into your health plan to see who is covered. OB/GYNs or Obstetricians and Gynecologists specialize in baby health and find a good pediatrician - perhaps asking friends and family for referrals.

stress relief - products from Bath and Body Works and Aveda

take time for you - spas? The Light Touch in St. Matthews and Zs salon and Day Spa at Hurstbourne and Shelbyville Rd.

Babysitters in Louisville

I love Louisville, Kentucky and you will, too!


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My Mom Sells Louisville Kentucky Real Estate
Which hospitals are best for babies and mommies? Nortons Women's Pavilion? Baptist Hospital East Maternity Ward? Other hospitals maternity wings

How do I teach my son to be a good big brother?

What pregnancy books should I read? Other than What to expect when you're expecting

Where can I find good lamas classes and pregnancy classes?

What are the best maternity stores for cute maternity clothes that are trendy?

Has anyone taken classes at Mamas Hip? What about any other delivery classes? I think Mama's Hip is for natural childbirth classes.

How do I prepare my house/life/finances for a baby?

Has anyone gone to any of Louisville's infant swim places? I'd like my baby to learn to swim.

Who has had luck finding reputable babysitters? My friend Stacy just found a nanny from Craigs List. Is that the best way? Has anyone used sittercity? 

I know a babysitter should have the number for Mom's cell phone, Dad's cell, grandparents, doctor, and poison control, but what else?

I have Working Mom Magazine. Is that the best one? Is American Baby better than Parenting Magazine?

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I am a realtor with Keller Williams Realty Louisville East.

 I am not a pregnancy consultant, midwife, a nurse or a doctor.  I am pregnant myself with my first child. I provide this site as an information source from all the research I've done.

Where did you have a good pregnancy experience? Help other mothers who are in the beginning phases of pregnancy:

  • Getting a social security number - the process and requirements
  • Birth Certificate
  • Make way for your new roommate!
  • Balancing work and baby?
  • Who is beneficiary
  • What does your boss think
  • Who is named?

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