Moving to Louisville
Louisville Kentucky is a wonderful town! I know you'll love it.
Here is a Louisville KY relocation package I put together to help you get around.  (see also Louisville maps) Whether your company is relocating you, you are moving here for Med School, Law School, Dental School, doing your residency, you are transferred in the military, or you just love Kentucky, call me to help you find your new Kentucky Home. I specialize in relocation. You have my dedication to your relocation.   Call 502-265-5818 to talk to a  Louisville Relocation Specialist
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Heidi Fore's real estate team, the River Valley Realty Group are local professionals that you can trust for all of your real estate needs.

We know the neighborhoods, we know the market, and we know we can get you into your next home with ease.

Call Heidi Fore's real estate team, the River Valley Realty Group today at (502) 554-9400 with your questions about any of the fine homes listed on this or any page of Heidi's website.

2010 Report: Louisville has one of the best housing markets!
Because of its appreciating home prices, affordability rating and a low number of foreclosures, Louisville ranks second just behind Pittsburgh as the top housing market in the United States according to Forbes Magazine online.
The ranking is computed by taking into account the averages of various affordablity rates, median home prices, sales prices in major markets and where home prices are expected to rise. According to the article "Nationally, homes are near the most affordable they've been in 18 years."
In Louisville, the foreclosure rate is only 1.15%, which helped us get our ranking as one of the best housing markets. In our city we have not seen a dramatic market collapse as many major cities have, the home prices have kept pretty steady.
Since Louisville is looking strong on the housing market from, there should be no fear in those who wish to upgrade their homes or those who are wanting to move into the area. With our steady market, people are still buying and homes are still selling.
There are many resources in Louisville to help you find your perfect home and to help you find the best agent to work for you. Heidi Fore's real estate team The River Valley Realty Group at Keller Williams Realty is always availble to help you sell your home or buy your next one! Don't let the housing market scare you- Louisville is still growing!
Email for a price appreciation graph for the last 5 years.

Research Louisville, KY neighborhoods, and find the houses you want to see when you arrive.
When you are ready to relocate, here is the best plan:

  1. Find out about Louisville on this page and on my 10 minute video tour. Ask me questions through text message, IM, video chat live, email, or phone call. Look at where neighborhoods are on a Louisville map
  2.  Chose home for sale to view and see them on the  Louisville map  
  3. Get your plane tickets, hotel and car rental. Check the hotels on a map to make sure they are
    near the houses you found.
  4. Email or call in your favorite houses to Heidi Fore's real estate team The River Valley Realty Group email us the houses and dates to see them
  5. We'll set up all the appointments for you and take you to them
  6. We'll help you write the contract on your favorite house, then you can get back on the plane and start packing
  7. After you leave, we'll email you or fax you any further important documents
  8. We'll help you coordinate the home inspections and set up the closing, over-nighting any documents that need signatures
  9. Then we'll give you the house keys when you come back to Louisville

That's why our clients love us... we take care of the details so you can breathe easy,
relax, and move into your Louisville house on schedule within your time line. 

Call Heidi Fore's real estate team The River Valley Realty Group 502-554-9400 for a smooth relocation process.

  • Call me (502-554-9400) to get a full Moving to Louisville guide sent to you in the mail. I put these together myself handpicking the information to fit your information needs. Please tell me specifically the school and church info you need, as well as restaurants and sports and country club information to include in your personalized relocation package. I also can include Louisville and Kentucky maps to make your visit easier. I will send neighborhood information and history - just tell me in which part of Louisville you will be living. Of course I can send information on subdivisions and houses for sale in Louisville. Click here to request a RELOCATION PACKAGE

Cost of Living Comparisons - How far will my salary go in Louisville, Kentucky?

Salary Calculator - Measure your job compensation by searching on job title and location.  


Everybody loves Louisville...

  • 2006

    • Best large city for relocating families, according to Worldwide ERC, Primacy Relocation
      and Bert Sperling of Sperling's BestPlaces.

  • 2005

    • Seventh Safest City in America, by Morgan Quitno

    • Among the 100 Best Communities for Young People.

    • ranked Louisville the 15th best city for building personal net worth in its "Salary Value Index"


  • When you move to Louisville KY, you can give the post office your forwarding address at
  • Turn on your electricity, water, cable and phone
    Louisville Gas and Electric LG&E  (502) 589-1444
    Water Company Louisville, KY 
    Customer Call Center: (502) 583-6610 or 1-888-220-3155 in Bullitt County

    Insight Communications 502–357–4400  Cable, phone, broadband internet
    DirecTV  and PrimeStar
    AT&T  1.888.757.6500  phone, DSL internet
    Garbage Collection for LouisvilleMetro Call 574-5000
    p.s. if you are leaving Louisville, you have to leave your trash cans with your house

    Trash: Industrial Disposal (502) 638-9000
     Waste Management (502) 966-0272


    you need to know who your city council members are, who your Congress person is, and when garbage, recycling and junk pick up is.
    To find out about these services: here is an interactive map of city services and government offices CLICK HERE and then enter your address.
    It will also show you which fire department division and police district you are in.  CLICK HERE


    Compare schools in Louisville, Jefferson County, Oldham County, Shelby County, Bullitt County, Spencer County, Nelson County 

    Catholic Schools grade school and high school info and complete mass schedules for churches

    Jefferson County Public Schools - click the apple to compare schools in Jefferson County, Oldham County, Private and Public Elementary Middle and High Schools

  • Jewish Schools - click here for information on Eliahu Academy, the High School of Jewish Studies, and the Louisville Hebrew School.  
    All are conveniently located across the street from the
    Jewish Community Center on Dutchman's Lane.

    Christian Schools - scroll down to "Private Schools" and follow the links to Christian Schools in Louisville.  For addresses and contact information of specific Christian Schools, click here.

    Oldham county Public Schools
    U of L - University of Louisville
    UK - University of Kentucky

    Kentucky CATS Scores (School Rankings)
    Want to know how well a public school is doing academically? The Commonwealth Accountability Testing System tests public students
    in seven subject areas, including: reading, writing, math, science, social studies,  arts and humanities and practical living/vocational studies.
    The scores are based on a 140-point scale, with all schools expected to reach proficiency (100) by 2014. Click on the following links to check
    out our local and statewide elementary, middle and high schools.

    CATS SCORES for Louisville-area districts / All Public Schools

    CATS SCORES for Public Elementary Schools (Ranked highest to lowest)

    CATS SCORES for Public Middle Schools (Ranked highest to lowest)

    CATS SCORES for Public High Schools (Ranked highest to lowest)

    Interested in Private Schools?
    Below is a list of Louisville, KY's best private schools.

    The Academy for Individual Excellence (About 50% special needs)
    3101 Bluebird Lane
    Louisville, KY 40299
    Ph: (502) 267-6187
    Serves children ranging from age 2 to 12th grade.

    Archdiocese of Louisville
    PO Box 1073
    Louisville, KY 40201
    Ph: (502) 585-3291

    Assumption High School
    2170 Tyler Ln
    Louisville, KY 40205
    Ph: (502) 458-9551 
    Young women, grades 9-12

    Chance School
    4200 Lime Kiln Ln
    Louisville, KY 40222
    Ph: (502) 425-6904 
    Serving up to 250 students from age two through the fifth grade.

    Christian Academy of Louisville - English Station Campus
    700 S. English Station Road
    Louisville, KY 40245
    Ph: (502) 244-3225
    Coed K-12, Christian

    Christian Academy of Louisville - Rock Creek Campus
    3110 Rock Creek Drive
    Louisville, KY 40207
    Ph: (502) 897-3372
    Coed K-12, Christian

    Christian Academy of Louisville - Southwest Campus
    8307 St. Andrews Church Road
    Louisville, KY 40258
    Ph: (502) 447-6500
    Coed K-12, Christian

    Covenant Classical Academy
    13902 Factory Lane
    Louisville, Kentucky 40245
    Ph: (502) 243-0404
    Kindergarten - 8th Grade

    The De Paul School (Special needs)
    1925 Duker Ave
    Louisville, KY 40205
    Ph: (502) 459-6131
    Elementary school grades 1 - 5 and
    middle school grades 6-8

    Eastside Christian Academy
    3402 Goose Creek Rd
    Louisville, KY 40241
    Ph: (502) 339-0041
    A Christian private co-ed school, K - 8

    Eliahu Academy
    3595 Dutchmans Lane
    Louisville, KY 40205
    Ph: (502) 459-0797

    Evangel Christian School
    5400 Minors Ln
    Louisville, KY 402
    Ph: (502) 968-7744 
    Coed K-12, Christian

    The Gardner School of Louisville
    9401 Mill Brook Drive,
    Louisville, KY 40223
    Ph: (502) 412-3088
    Offers early childhood programs for children
    ages 6 weeks to 5 years.

    Hayfield Montessori School
    2000 Tyler Ln
    Louisville, KY 40205
    Ph: (502) 454-7122?
    Preschool, kindergarten and elementary grades 1-5

    Heuser Hearing & Language Academy
    formerly Louisville Deaf Oral School
    117 E. Kentucky St
    Louisville, KY 40203
    Ph: (502) 515-3320
    or TDD - 502.515.3323
    Heuser Hearing & Language Academy has been
    recognized as a nationally acclaimed model
    preschool/kindergarten program and diagnostic
    center serving deaf and hard of hearing children

    Highlands Latin School
    2800 Frankfort Ave.
    Louisville, Ky 40206
    Ph: (502) 895-5333
    Coed K-12 Classical, Christian

    Islamic School Of Louisville
    8215 Old Westport Rd
    Louisville, KY 40222
    Ph: (502) 412-7825
    Grades K-6

    Kentucky Country Day School
    4100 Springdale Rd
    Louisville, KY 40241
    Ph: (502) 423-0440 
    An independent, JK–12, coeducational school

    Kentucky School for the Blind
    1867 Frankfort Ave.
    Louisville, KY 40206
    Ph: (502) 897-1583
    A K-12 public school serving Kentucky
    students who are blind and visually impaired.

    La Petite Academy - Louisville
    10501 Timberwood Cir
    Louisville, KY 40223
    Ph: (502) 245-3742 
    Starting at 6 Weeks into early preschool,
    preschool, pre-kindergarten and school age curricula.

    La Petite Academy - Prospect
    9505 US Hwy 42
    Prospect, KY 40059
    Ph: (502) 228-1631
    Starting at 6 Weeks into early preschool,
    preschool, pre-kindergarten and school age curricula.

    Louisville Classical Academy

    6902 Wolf Pen Branch Road
    Prospect, KY 40059
    Ph: (502) 228-7787
    An independent school for grades 3 - 12

    Louisville Collegiate School
    2427 Glenmary Ave
    Louisville, KY 40204
    Ph: (502) 451-5330 
    The oldest JK - 12 independent school in the Louisville area.
    Mercy Academy
    5801 Fegenbush Lane
    Louisville, Kentucky 40228
    Ph: (502) 671-2010 
    Young women, grades 9-12

    Meredith-Dunn School (Special needs)
    3023 Melbourne Ave
    Louisville, KY 40220
    Ph: (502) 456-5819
    Meredith-Dunn School, a non-profit organization
    presently serves students in grades 1-8 who
    have been identified as having specific learning
    disabilities and/or other learning differences.

    Montessori School of Louisville
    770 Eastern Parkway
    Louisville KY 40217
    Ph: (502) 640-8585
    Includes Early Childhood through Eighth Grade.

    Oldham County Christian Academy
    307 W Jefferson St
    La Grange, KY 40031
    Ph: (502) 222-2224
    A Christian private co-ed school, PK - Grade 8

    Pewee Valley Junior Academy
    103 La Grange Rd
    Pewee Valley, KY 40056
    Ph: (502) 241-4354
    Coed - Grades: Kindergarten - 8th, Seventh-Day Adventist

    Pitt Academy (Special needs)
    6010 Preston Hwy
    Louisville, KY 40219
    Ph: (502) 966-6979
    Pitt Academy is an independent Catholic school with
    a non-denominational enrollment policy serving
    K-12 students with learning differences and disabilities.

    Sacred Heart Academy
    3175 Lexington Road Louisville, Kentucky 40206
    Ph: (502) 502-897-6097
    Young women, grades 9-12

    Sacred Heart Model School
    3107 Lexington Rd
    Louisville, KY 40206
    Ph: (502) 896-3931
    A Catholic private co-ed school, Kindergarten
    through Grade Eight

    St. Agnes School
    1800 Newburg Rd
    Louisville, KY 40205
    Ph: (502) 458-2850 
    A Catholic private co-ed school, Grades 1-8

    St. Francis School
    11000 U.S. Highway 42
    Goshen, KY 40026
    Ph: (502) 228-1197
    An independent, non-sectarian day school for
    children age 2 through grade 8.

    St. Margaret Mary
    7813 Shelbyville Rd
    Louisville, KY 40222
    Ph: (502) 426-1588

    St Xavier High School
    1609 Poplar Level Rd
    Louisville, KY 40217
    Ph: (502) 637-4712
    Young men, grades 9-12

    Springdale Preschool
    7812 Brownsboro Rd
    Louisville, KY 40241
    Ph: (502) 423-9510
    Offers morning classes for threes, fours
    and kindergartners.

    Summit Academy
    11508 Main Street
    Louisville, KY 40243
    Ph: (502) 244-7090
    Serving special needs children grades
    Kindergarten through 8th grade.

    Trinity High School
    4011 Shelbyville Rd
    St Matthews, KY 40207
    Ph: (502) 895-9427 
    Young men, grades 9-12

    Ursuline Child Development Center
    3105 Lexington Road Louisville, Kentucky 40206
    Ph: (502) 895-7798
    Co-ed, ages 1-5

    Ursuline Montessori School
    3105 Lexington Road
    Louisville, Kentucky 40206
    Ph: (502) 896-3941
    Co-ed, ages 2-6

    Ursuline School for the Performing Arts
    3105 Lexington Road
    Louisville, Kentucky 40206
    Ph: (502) 502-897-1816
    Co-ed, all ages

    Valor Traditional Academy
    11501 Schlatter Rd
    Louisville, KY 40291
    Ph: (502) 239-3345
    Coed K-12 Classical, Christian

    Walden School Corporation
    4238 Westport Rd
    St Matthews, KY 40207
    Ph: (502) 893-0433
    Coed, grades K-12

    Waldorf School of Louisville
    8005 New Lagrange Rd
    Louisville, KY 40222
    Ph: (502) 327-0122
    Grades 1-5, Kindergarten, Pre-K and
    Parent-Child (birth - 3 year olds accompanied
    by a parent or caregiver).

    Whitefield Academy
    7711 Fegenbush Lane
    louisville, KY 40228
    Ph: (502) 239-2509 
    Whitefield Academy is a fully accredited
    K-12 school
    What is the weather like in Louisville? click on CURRENT TEMP
    To find the average high and low temperatures, go to   and type in Louisville's downtown zip code 40202 or any other zip code 40204 and 40205 for the Highlands, or 40245 or 40242 for the East End or 40059 for Prospect and then click on Average Temperatures.
    You'll also find the record temperatures for Louisville.
    Places you'll need to go if you are moving to Louisville Kentucky
    • Louisville Free Public Library
    • Driving directions in Louisville
    • Register to vote: click here County Clerk Office
    • Transfer your car title: for instructions, click here Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
      Motor Vehicle Transfers - call for hours of operation (502)574-5700.
      Motor vehicles and boats - Central Branch - 7505 Outer Loop
      Dixie Branch - K-Mart Plaza - 4919 F Dixie Highway
      Downtown Branch - Fiscal Court Building -531 Court Place
      East Government Center Branch - 200 Juneau Drive
      Jeffersontown Branch - Bremer Ehrler Bldg. 10420 Watterson Trail
      West Branch - Marchman Plaza 3131 W. Broadway
      Westport Plaza Branch - 9455 Westport Road
      You can renew your motor vehicle and boat registrations  by mail or by using the Online Vehicle Renewal process.
      According to KRS 186A.095 a vehicle must be registered within 15 days after you establish residency or within 15 days of purchase.
      Jefferson County Clerk phone number:
      Motor Vehicle Call Center  (502) 574-5700
    • Get your drivers license when moving to Louisville here:
      KY Transportation Cabinet Division of Driver Licensing
      Licenses must be issued in the county where the driver lives
      OLDHAM COUNTY Circuit Clerk LaGrange KY (502) 222-1979
      JEFFERSON COUNTY Circuit Clerk (502) 595-4924 and (502) 595-4953
      JEFFERSON COUNTY Driver License Branch Bowman Field (502) 595-4405
    • Get a personalized Kentucky license plate click here Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
    • Moving to Kentucky click here Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
    • To find out where to vote in Kentucky, click here to be taken to the County Clerk page to the Kentucky State Board of Elections Voter Information Center.
    • Louisville Police Department
    What parks are closest to the house you are buying in Louisville? When are garbage pickup days for your new house in Louisville? Click here for answers  
    This cool link also shows you who your congress and senate representatives are and what your voting precinct is for the house you just bought. I love this link.
    It is really informative. It shows when recycling day is and when garbage pickup day is. It even says when junk pickup days is, every three months. And it says
    which fire district and police districts are. For more information on Louisville Parks, click here.

    The city of Louisville has just posted a map of where crimes are happening across Louisville in the past month.
    This map shows
    where crimes happen in Louisville

    Disclaimer: No neighborhood can ever be called a 'safe neighborhood' or a 'good part of town' according to the Fair Housing Act. As a relocation realtor,
    I cannot 'steer' you into or out of a neighborhood. This crime statistics for Louisville map is provided to make all the information available to you so that
    you can make the decision for yourself where to buy your home.

    click here to GO BACK TO THE TOP OF THIS PAGE

         Corporate Relocation  
     Because Louisville is such a great town, many corporations relocate their employees here. Some of Louisville's top companies are:
         - UPS                                 - Papa Johns Pizza               - Brown Foreman 
         - Brown and Williams           - GE                                     - KFC (formerly TriCon, now YUM! )
         - Humana                            - National City Bank               - Nortons Hospital 
         - Norton Health Care            - Caritas Health Care              - PNC Bank
         - Jewish Hospital                 - Audubon Hospital                - Ford Plant

    • Louisville's Major Businesses/Employers are:
      Firm Product /Services Employment
      Brown-Forman Corporation Distilled Spirits, wooden barrels 1,800
      University of Louisville Undergraduate and Graduate programs 3,000
      Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant Automobile Assembly 3,8000
      Ford Truck Plant Truck assembly 6,000
      Humana Inc. service calls, claims, enrollment 4,256
      General Electric Appliance park Appliance manufacturing, management 5,8000
      Jewish Hospital Health Care 8,000
      UPS Courier Services, airline offices 18,131
      Jefferson County Public Schools County school system 13,000
      Norton Healthcare Hospital, health services 9,000

    Search for Homes Feature - You'll want to find a home near your new office.  I would be happy to search for houses in the area of town near your company. Just call me anytime, day or night at 502-554-9400. Or click on search for homes to search for any house in Louisville from this web site. I have helped many people relocate to Louisville for medical school, retirement, and to find homes near their new business.   

           Job Search  

          Medical Relocation     - Doctors, Nurses, Staff, Medical and Dental School Students
    If you are moving to Louisville to work at one of our local hospitals or attend the University of Louisville School of Medicine or School of Dentistry, Heidi's got you covered!
    Below is a list of all of the Louisville area's major healthcare facilities for your convenience.

    Click here for a map of the University of Louisville Health Sciences Center and the School of Medicine and School of Dentistry.

         Louisville, Kentucky area hospitals   
    (Including hospitals in Fort Knox, La Grange, Shelbyville, and Shepherdsville, KY)

    Baptist Hospital East
    4000 Kresge Way
    Louisville, KY 40207
    Ph: (502) 897-8100

    Baptist Eastpoint
    2400 Eastpoint Parkway
    Louisville, KY 40223
    Ph: (502) 210-4800

    Baptist Hospital Northeast
    1025 New Moody Lane
    La Grange, KY 40031
    Ph: (502) 222-5388

    Central State Hospital (Psychiatric Hospital)
    10510 Lagrange Road
    Louisville, KY 40223
    Ph: (502) 253-7060

    Frazier Rehab Institute
    220 Abraham Flexner Way
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Ph: (502) 582-7400

    Jewish Hospital
    200 Abraham Flexner Way
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Ph: (502) 587-4011

    Jewish Hospital Medical Center East
    3920 Dutchmans Lane
    Louisville, KY 40207
    Ph: (502) 259-6000 

    Jewish Hospital Shelbyville
    727 Hospital Drive
    Shelbyville, KY 40065
    Ph: (502) 647-4000

    Jewish Hospital Medical Center South
    1903 West Hebron Lane
    Shepherdsville, KY 40165
    Ph: (502) 955-3000

    Kosair Children's Hospital
    200 East Chestnut Street
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Ph: 502-629-8000

    Norton Hospital
    200 E Chestnut St
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Ph: 502-629-8000

    Norton Audubon Hospital
    1 Audubon Plaza Drive
    Louisville, KY 40217
    Ph: (502) 636-7111  

    Norton Brownsboro Hospital
    OPENS AUG 26, 2009
    4950 Norton Healthcare Blvd
    Louisville, KY 40241
    Ph: (800) 852-1770

    Norton Healthcare Pavilion
    315 E Broadway
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Ph: (502) 629-2000

    Norton Southwest Hospital
    9820 Third Street Road
    Louisville, KY 40272
    Ph: (502) 933-8100

    Norton Suburban Hospital
    4001 Dutchmans Lane
    Louisville, KY 40207
    Ph: (502) 893-1102

    Our Lady of Peace (Psychiatric Hospital)

    2020 Newburg Road
    Louisville, KY 40205
    Ph: (502) 451-3330

    Saints Mary & Elizabeth Hospital
    Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's HealthCare
    1850 Bluegrass Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40215
    Ph: (502) 361-6000

    Ten Broeck Dupont (Psychiatric Hospital)
    1405 Browns Lane
    Louisville KY 40207
    Ph: (502) 896-0495

    Ten Broeck Hospital (Psychiatric Hospital)
    8521 LaGrange Road
    Louisville, KY 40242
    Ph: 502-426-6380

    University Of Louisville Hospital
    530 S Jackson St
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Ph: (502) 562-3000  

    University of Louisville - School of Dentistry
    501 South Preston
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Ph: (502) 852-5096

    University of Louisville - School of Medicine
    Abell Administration Center
    323 E. Chestnut St.
    Louisville, KY 40292
    Ph: 502 852-1499 (Dean's Office)

    VA Medical Center (Veteran's Hospital)
    800 Zorn Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40206
    Ph: (502) 287-4000

    VA Healthcare Center, Fort Knox, KY
    Ireland Army Community Hospital
    821 Ireland Loop
    Fort Knox, KY 40121
    Ph: (502) 624-9396

       Military and Civilian Worker Relocation   
    The federal Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) initiatives of 2005 will have a major positive impact on our region. Fort Knox expects
    a net gain of at least 4,500 military and civilian jobs when the expansion is complete in September 2011. Fort Knox will become home to the
    U.S. Army Human Resources Center of Excellence, which manages all human resources functions for the US Army. Below are some of the
    most helpful links to getting settle into your new home if you are coming to Kentucky as part of BRAC.

    Heidi loves working with military families looking for off-base housing. She has a long, long list of happy clients who have moved to Kentucky
    from Texas, California, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, Utah, New York, Pennsylvania, London, Japan and Sweden. Talk to one of Heidi's many
    past clients about Heidi's style. They'll tell you Heidi is straightforward, honest, and hard working. Her clients will tell you that they felt she really
    cared about them, and finding them the right home. She grew up in Louisville and she knows Kentucky towns. Call Heidi. You'll be glad you did.
    Call for more information 502-554-9400.

    Below are some of the most helpful links to getting settle into your new home if you are coming to Kentucky as part of BRAC initiative.

    US Army Armor Center Fort Knox Kentucky official website: 

    For more information on the expansion taking place at Ft. Knox, visit the One Knox website- explores how the region surrounding Ft Knox (and Louisville, Kentucky) are preparing for the influx of thousands of soldiers, civilians and their families.

    Heidi's Video Tour of Louisville:

    Welcome to Kentucky! We appreciate your service to our country!

    Find homes in other cities - If you need to find real estate agents in other cities I can also help you find a realtor in any city in the US
    including Jeffersonville and Clarksville IN , Elizabethtown and Ft. Knox Ky , Bardstown Ky, Indianapolis In , Nashville Tn , Bowling Green
    Ky , Lexington Ky, Glasgow Ky , Cincinnati Oh or anywhere in Northern Ky including the Covington and Newport area.

    Moving to Germany or Italy - I can also help anyone relocating from Germany or Italy to any city in the United States because I speak German
    and Italian. Keller Williams Louisville is an international relocation company and I can help you buy a house, haus, or villa worldwide. I have
    friends and family stationed at military bases in Germany and I look forward to helping them find houses on their return home.

                               (and may God Bless their journey)

        Moving Companies     - (note: I have never used them, so I cannot recommend)
    Directions Van Lines links you to local moving companies
    Morgan Van Lines links you to local companies
    Larry's Movers - Flat rate or hourly. Residential/Commercial. Downtown/East end 772-2144
    U-Haul Co. 4128 Bardstown Rd 491-2660
    Thrifty Truck Rental - Central reservations number 367-6461
    Ryder Truck Rental - on Gardiner Lane 458-6717 on Linn Station Rd 429-6577

    ***After Moving --cleaning supplies and groceries are a necessity. See below for the addresses and maps of nearby Wal-Marts and Targets.



         Rental Cars Louisville  

    • Enterprise Louisville - 26 locations. Middletown 254-2181 Frankfort Ave 894-0032
    • Thrifty car rental - main rental office number  367-2277
    • National Car Rental - Louisville airport car rental location 502-361-2515
    • Budget Car Rental - Airport, downtown, east end and central locations 1-800-527-7000
    • TARC Bus Schedules  
         Radio Stations    If you are moving to Louisville, you need to know where to find the best tunes:
    • 102.3 FM the Max - music from 90's and current pop hits. I love this morning show, Lambert and Lindsey
    • 99.7 DJX plays top forty and little more R&B style, just a tad rougher than 102.3. This is any teenage girl's fav station
    • 103.1 Oldies. This is where you'll find 50's and 60's music.
    • 93.1 smooth jazz
    • 96.1 NPR National Public Radio
    • 88.5 Christian radio station
    • 106.9 Lite music. Not elevator music. Think Michael Bolton.
    • 97.5 WAMZ the oldest established country music station that anyone around here can remember. All country from all decades all the time.
    • 840 AM. This is great for local news and school closings in the winter.
         Newspapers and print publications     
    bullet Louisville Courier-Journal Newspaper    The largest Louisville Newspaper
    bullet Louisville Business First Newspaper      Business News for Louisville Ky
    bullet Velocity
    bullet LEO
    bullet St Matthews newspaper The Voice
    bullet The Scene


        Country Clubs and Social Clubs    - A great way to meet people when you move to Louisville is to join a community organization.
    You'll meet nice people and see why Louisville, Kentucky is rated one of the friendliest places to live.

    • Audubon Country Club  3265 Robin Rd  636-1331, Golf Shop 635-7589
    • Big Spring Country Club Dutchman Ln 459-2622
    • Crescent Hill Woman's Club - 2641 Grinstead Dr  897-2591
    • German American Club  1840 Lincoln Av  451-3100
    • Harmony Landing Club, Goshen 13201 Reading Rd 228-1161
    • Hunting Creek Country Club US Hwy 42  Prospect  228-1106
    • Hurstbourne Country Club 8222 Shelbyville Rd  425-0094
    • The Jefferson Club  500 W Jefferson St  584-1177
    • Kentucky Federation of Women's Club  1228 Cherokee Rd  451-8435
    • Kentucky Tennis Association 3703 Taylorsville Rd 456-6682
    • Lake Forest Lodge  511 Woodlake Dr  245-5253
    • Lakeside Swim Club  2010 Trevilian Way  454-4585
    • Louisville Boat Club  Clubhouse 896-0375
    • Louisville Country Club  40 Mockingbird Valley Dr 891-0050, golf courses and tennis courts  896-1721
    • Louisville Ski Club  499-8228
    • Midland Trail Golf Club  US Highway 60, Middletown 245-0223
    • Owl Creek Country Club  12340 N Osage Rd, Anchorage 245-4157
    • Oxmoor Country Club 9000 Limehouse Ln, 491-7877
    • Pendennis Club  218 W Muhammad Ali Blvd  584-4311
    • Plantation Swim & Tennis Club  8609 Westport Rd  426-2469
    • River Road Country Club  2930 Upper River Rd 893-2534
    • River Valley Club 4701 Upper River Rd 895-9473
    • Standard Country Club Brownsboro Road - Highway 22
    • Valhalla Golf Club  15503 Shelbyville Rd  245-4475

         Tennis Centers    

    • Caritas Health Fitness Club at Blairwood 9300 Blairwood Rd 426-8820
    • Dupont Racquet Club  4014 Dutchmans Ln  897-7185
    • Jewish Community Center - 3600 Dutchmans Ln 459-0660
    • Louisville Indoor Racquet Club - 8609 Westport Rd  426-2454
    • Louisville Tennis Club - 2011 Herr Ln  426-4923

        Private Golf Courses and Golf Ranges  

    • Glen Oaks Country Club - 10601 Worthington Ln  339-0215
    • Oxmoor Country Club - 9000 Limehouse Ln  491-7877
    • Persimmon Ridge Golf Club - 72 Persimmon Ridge Rd  241-0819
    • Polo Fields Golf and Country Club - 17001 Polo Fields Ln  244-6688
    • Lake Forest Country Club - 14700 Landmark Dr 253-9352

        Public Golf Courses and  Golf Ranges  

    • Indian Springs Golf Club - 18 hole Championship Golf Course 426-7111
    • Lagrange Woods Country Club - 2820 S Hwy 43 -  Phone 222-7927
    • Louisville Indoor Golf Inc. - 2704 River Green Cir - 896-1888
    • Cherokee Golf Course - 2501 Alexander Rd - 458-9450
    • Iroquois Golf Course - 1501 Rundill Rd - 363-9520
    • Nevel Meade Golf Course -  3123 Nevel Meade Dr - 228-9522
    • Spring Lake Golf Range - 8700 Six Mile Ln - 491-5666

        Boat Clubs  

    • Louisville Yacht Club - 3308 Rose Island Rd, Prospect 228-1100
    • Louisville Boat Club - Clubhouse phone 896-0375
    • by the way, to sell a boat you need to transfer the title through the Jefferson County Clerk's office
      Transfers require previous owners certificate of registration and/or title along with a Motor Boat Transaction Record/TC 96-184 (revised 5/00). 

         Heidi’s Equestrian Directory for Louisville & Oldham County, KY  
    Horse Riding Schools & Instruction
    Howard Wendell E
    9101 Bates Road
    Louisville, KY  40228
    Louisville Riding & Polo
    8902 Adrienne Court
    Louisville, KY  40245
    Louisville-Jefferson County Metro
    - Parks & Riding Stables
    6711 Mount Washington Road
    Louisville, KY  40229
    McNeely Park Public Riding Stable
    6711 Mount Washington Road
    Louisville, KY  40229
    Mint Spring Stables
    6101 North Chamberlain Lane
    Louisville, KY  40241
    Over the Top Stables
    1421 North Highway 1694
    Rock Creek Riding Club
    3114 Rock Creek Drive
    Louisville, KY  40207
    Stone Place Stables
    Wallace Farm Partnership
    1718 Rose Island Road
    Louisville, KY  40202
    Stonehurst Riding Club
    8902 Adrienne Court
    Louisville, KY  40245
    Webb Betsy Stables
    11950 Ellingsworth Lane
    Louisville, KY  40243
    Win Gait Stables
    9101 Bates Road
    Louisville, KY  40228
    Horse Back Riding
    Alta Vista
    2114 Liberty Lane
    Dearborn Stables
    1404 Browns Lane Suite D
    Louisville, KY  40207
    Howard Wendell E
    9101 Bates Road
    Louisville, KY  40228
    Louisville Riding & Polo
    8902 Adrienne Court
    Louisville, KY  40245
    Louisville Parks & Riding Stables
    6711 Mount Washington Road
    Louisville, KY  40229
    McNeely Park Public Riding Stable
    6711 Mount Washington Road
    Louisville, KY  40229
    Mint Spring Stables
    6101 North Chamberlain Lane
    Louisville, KY  40241
    Over the Top Stables
    1421 North Highway 1694
    Louisville, KY  40202
    Rivendell Farms Inc
    13604 Lagrange Road
    Louisville, KY  40245
    Rock Creek Riding Club
    3114 Rock Creek Drive
    Louisville, KY  40207
    Showtime Saddlebreds
    9300 Old Bardstown Road
    Louisville, KY  40291
    Stone Place Stables
    7718 Rose Island Road
    Stonehurst Riding Club
    8902 Adrienne Court
    Louisville, KY  40245
    Wallace Farm Partnership
    7718 Rose Island Road
    Webb's Pond Creek Stables
    Louisville, KY  40202
    Win Gait Stables
    9101 Bates Road
    Louisville, KY  40228
    Horse Borders
    Goshen - Oldham County

    9544 Mason Lane
    Goshen, Kentucky 40026
    Tel: 502.228.5253
    Full Board, All Breeds, Riding Lessons,
    Combined Training, Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers,
    Camps, Outdoor Arena, Round Pen, Trails,
    Jumps 500 Acres, Just outside of Louisville.
    Fleur De Lis Farm
    2039 Forest View Ln
    LaGrange, KY. 40031
    Full care, self care and pasture boarding,
    indoor and outdoor arenas, access to the
    L'Espirit horse trails. 70 acres rolling hills.
    Woodvale Farm in Lagrange
     5430 Stone River Drive
    LaGrange, Ky 40031 502.222.0274
    Full Board, All Breeds, English, Combined
    Training, Dressage, Eventing, Horses for
    Sale, Indoor Arena, Round Pen, Jumps,
    Trails 50 Acres.

    Springbok Stables
    6522 Montero Drive
    Prospect, Ky 40059
    Boarding, Lessons, Training, Indoor
    and outdoor Arenas, Saddleseat
    Zubrod Stables, Inc
    3504 Locke Lane
    Prospect, Ky 40059
    Stall & Pasture Boarding, Lessons, Training,
    Indoor and Outdoor Arenas, Saddlebreds
    Horse Farms & Equipment
    & Supplies Dealers

    A. Jason Cook Racing Stable
    8204 Bohannon Station Road
    Louisville, KY  40291   
    Becker & Durski Turf Goods
    3111 South 4th Street
    Louisville, KY  40214
    Hitching Post Tack Shop Inc
    11403 Main Street
    Louisville, KY  40243
    Jockey Silks
    Louisville, KY  40218   

    Kentucky Horse Supply Inc

    Louisville, KY  40202
    Luckett's Tack Shop
    3735 South 4th Street
    Louisville, KY  40214
    Steed Enterprises Inc
    2132 Woodbourne Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40205
    Horse Feed & Supplies
    Maximum Performance Inc
    Louisville, KY  40202   

    Horse Breeders and Dealers
    Hermitage Farm LLC
    10500 West Highway 42
    Louisville, KY  40059
    Howard Wendell E
    9101 Bates Road
    Louisville, KY  40228
    Longfield Farm
    9500 West Highway 42
    Louisville, KY  40059
    Louisville, KY  40202
    Paramont Arabian Stud
    12500 West Highway 42
    Louisville, KY  40059
    St Andrews Equine
    8008 Saint Andrews Church Road
    Louisville, KY  40214
    Thoroughbred Interests Inc
    127 South 6th Street
    Louisville, KY  40202
    Upson Downs Farm
    2012 North Buckeye Lane  
    Win Gait Stables
    9101 Bates Road
    Louisville, KY  40228
    Horse Trailer Dealers
    Hart Of Kentucky Trailer Sales   
    502-957-6522 Fax: 502-957-6527 
    Toll-free: 877-525-8711   
    Leonard Truck & Trailer
    Toll-free: 800-455-1001 
    602 Hawkins Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40213
    Superior Trailer Sales & Rental
    602 Hawkins Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40213 
    Toll-free: 800-800-3104 

    Horse Trailer Rental

    Cowboy Express
    4616 Frel Rd.
    Louisville, KY  40272   
    Voice: 270-828-2574 (Farm Number) 

    Horse Trainers
    A. Jason Cook Racing Stable
    8204 Bohannon Station Road
    Louisville, KY  40291   
    Bowman Carl
    700 Central Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40208
    Carroll Racing Stable
    700 Central Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40208
    Greg Foley Racing Stable
    700 Central Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40208
    Jockey Silks
    Louisville, KY  40218   

    McPeek Kenneth Racing Stables
    700 Central Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40208
    O'Connor Robert
    700 Central Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40208
    Palo Blanco Saddlery
    110 N. Keats Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40206
    Whiting Lynn S Racing
    700 Central Avenue
    Louisville, KY  40208

    Horse Transportation
    Drexler Horse Transportation
    IL To FL And KY Weekly.
    Other Areas On Request   
    Toll-free: 800-262-4464
    Fax: 847-683-3074 


    Do you need an Equestrian Directory for Louisville? I am currently helping three horse families relocate here to the bluegrass state, where we are known for our wonderful horse farms. You might need temporary boarding for your horses, or need to rent a horse trailer. I am here to assist you in your relocation in every way. Just ask.

    on the East and North-East side of Louisville, convenient location for home searching while you are in town. Here is a map of the "East End" with some zip codes
    click the photo of map to enlarge the size:

    •  Amerisuites 701 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY (502) 426-0119
       Baymont Inn 9400 Blairwood Rd, Louisville, KY (502) 339-1900
       Best Western Brownsboro Inn 4805 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY (502) 893-2551
       Best Western Envoy Inn 9802 Bunsen Way, Louisville, KY 40299 1-800-780-7234
       Bridge Street Worldwide 11003 Bluegrass Pkwy # 460, Louisville, KY (502) 266-0099
       Clarion Hotel & Conference Center 9700 Blue Grass Parkway, Louisville, KY (502) 491-4830
       Country Inn & Suites by Carlson-Louisville East 1241 Kentucky Mills Dr, Jeffersontown, KY (502) 261-9434
       Courtyard by Marriott 10200 Champion Farms Dr, Louisville, KY (502) 429-9293
       Courtyard by Marriott: Louisville East 9608 Blairwood Rd, Louisville, KY (502) 429-0006
       Days Inn Louisville East 4621 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY (502) 896-8871
       Days Inn of America Inc Residence Inn-Northeast 3500 Springhurst Commons Dr, Louisville, KY (502) 412-1311
       Days Inn-Hurstbourne 9340 Blairwood Rd., Louisville, KY (502) 425-8010
       Drury Inn 9501 Blairwood Rd, Louisville, KY (502) 326-4170
       Embassy Suites Hotel 9940 Corporate Campus Drive, Louisville, KY (502) 426-9191
       Fairfield Inn By Marriott 9400 Blairwood Rd, Louisville, KY (502) 339-2494
       Four Points By Sheraton Hotel & Suites Louisville East 9802 Bunsen Way, Louisville, KY(502) 499-0000 
       Hampton Inn & Suites 1451 Alliant Avenue, Louisville, KY (502) 809-9901
       Hampton Inn 4100 Hampton Lake Way, Louisville, KY (502) 327-8880
       Hilton Garden Inn 1530 Alliant Ave, Louisville, KY(502) 297-8066
       Holiday Inn Express 3711 Chamberlain LN, Louisville, KY (502) 423-0094
       Holiday Inn Louisville-I64 E 1325 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY (502) 426-2600
       Homewood Suites 9401 Hurstbourne Trace, Louisville, KY (502) 429-9070
       Hyatt Place 701 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY (502) 426-0119
       Inn At Woodhaven 401 S Hubbards Ln, St Matthews, KY (502) 895-1011
       M & M Hotels 410 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY(502) 327-8234
       Marriott-Louisville East 1903 Embassy Square Blvd, Jeffersontown, KY (502) 499-6220
       Red Carpet Inn of Louisville 1640 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY (502) 491-7320
       Red Roof Inns: East 9330 Blairwood Rd, Louisville, KY (502) 426-7621
       Residence Inn by Marriott-Louisville East 120 N Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY (502) 425-1821
       Springhill Suites-North 10101 Forest Green Blvd, Louisville, KY (502) 326-3895
       Staybridge Suites Louisville E 11711 Gateworth Way, Louisville, KY (502) 244-9511
       Suburban Extended Stay Louisville East 4540 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, KY (502) 499-9100
       Suburban Extended Stay Louisville NE 11405 Westport Road, Louisville, KY (502) 412-1000


    • Looking for your Louisville family heritage? Try these places first
      • Filson Club 1310 S. 3rd St., Louisville 40208. Mon.-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-12. Library admission charged. The Filson Club is a privately endowed and
        supported historical society which houses one of America's outstanding historical libraries and manuscript collections.
      • Sons of the American Revolution National Headquarters 1000 S. 4th St., Louisville 40203. Mon.-Fri. 9:30-4:30. Historical museum features a
        continuing display of objects related to the US as it emerged as a new nation. 502-589-1776.
      • Louisville Free Public Library, Main Branch 301 York Street, Louisville 40202. Mon.-Thurs. 9-9, Fri. & Sat. 9-5, Sun. 1-5, (during school year only). 502-574-1611.
      • If you are working on a scrapbook for your Louisville family heritage, try the Chocolate Scrapbook at Stoneybrook Plaza. The Scrapbook Station in
        Middletown is good too. Unfortunately, Sugar and Spice scrapbook just closed on Westport Rd. Of course there is always Michaels, Ben Franklin
        and Dees Crafts for scrapbook supplies too. I've heard there is a scrapbook store in Corydon Indiana that is huge.

    Banks in Louisville Ky and Mortgage Lenders for home loans 

      Louisville Sports Websites    


      Things to Do in Louisville, KY 

      Things to Do in Oldham County, KY  

    Oldham County Tourism Commission Includes hotels, attractions and a calendar of events from all over Oldham County including Prospect, LaGrange, Crestwood, Pewee Valley, Westport and Goshen

       The Fine Arts Scene in Louisville  

    • Actors Theatre of Louisville - 316 W Main 40202 - PH: 502-584-1205 -
    • Bunbury Theatre - 604 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40202- Ph: 502-585-5306 -
      - One of the hottest alternative theatres in the region
    • Kentucky Opera - 101 S 8th St, Louisville, KY 40202 - PH: 502-584-4500 - 
    • Kentucky Shakespeare Festival - 1387 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40208 - PH: 502-637-4933 -
    • Louisville Bach Society - 4607 Hanford Ln, Louisville, KY 40207 - PH: 502-585-2224 -
    • Louisville Orchestra - 300 W Main, Louisville, KY 40202 - PH: 502-587-8681 - 
    • Louisville Ballet - 315 E. Main St, Louisville, KY 40202 - PH: 502-583-3150 - 
      - Very talented performers - I can't say enough about how I love the Louisville Ballet
    • PNC Bank: Broadway in Louisville - Ph: 502-569-3060 - 
    • Stage One - 323 W. Broadway Suite 600, Louisville, KY 40202 - Ph: 502-589-40607 -
      - Professional theatre for young audiences - Never a disappointment
    • The Speed Art Museum - 2035 South Third St, Louisville, Kentucky 40208 - Ph: 502-634-2700 -
      - I love the national traveling exhibits that come through and the permanent exhibits are incredible
    • Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts - 501 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202 - PH: 502-562-0111 -
      - I have season tickets to the Broadway series and it's fantastic!
    • Louisville Palace Theatre - 625 S 4th Ave, Louisville, KY 40202- PH: 502-583-4555 -
      - I've been to many plays and concerts and stand up comedy here and it's a lovely, old world atmosphere
    • Louisville Visual Art Association (Water Tower) - 3005 Upper River Rd, Louisville, KY 40207- Ph: 502 -896-2146 - 
    • Louisville Youth Orchestra - 520 W Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202 - PH: 502-584-0135 - 
    • Ticketmaster Kentucky Events this is the link to get tickets to shows in Kentucky through Ticketmaster
    • Walden Theatre - 1123 Payne St, Louisville, KY 40204 - PH: 502.589.0084 -

      Lou. , KY & Jefferson County Information 

    City information on Louisville police, mayor office, government offices

    The city of Louisville has just posted a map of where crimes are happening across Louisville in the past month. This map shows where crimes happen in Louisville                                                             

    When you buy a house in Louisville, you need to know who your city council members are, who your Congress person is, and when garbage, recycling and junk pick up is. To find out about these services: here is an interactive map of city services and government offices CLICK HERE and then enter your address. It will also show you which fire department division and police district you are in.


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    By Stephen Foster

    The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home,
    Tis summer, the people are gay;
    The corn-top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom
    While the birds make music all the day.

    The young folks roll on the little cabin floor
    All merry, all happy and bright;
    By'n by hard times comes a knocking at the door
    Then my old Kentucky home, Good-night!

    Weep no more my lady. Oh! Weep no more today!
    We will sing one song for my old Kentucky home
    For the old Kentucky home, far away.

    This site was formerly online as on

    Here are just a few of the area neighborhoods, cities and subdivisions served by Heidi Fore's real estate team, the River Valley Realty Groups:

    Louisville, Kentucky / Jefferson County, KY Cities & Subdivisions:
    Louisville, Anchorage, Barbourmeade, Cherokee Triangle, Clifton, Copperfield, Crescent Hill, Douglass Hills, Eastwood, Elmcroft, Estate Ridge, Fisherville, Fox Harbor, Glenmary, Glen Oaks, Glenview, Harrods Crossing, Hunting Creek, Hurstbourne, Indian Hills, Indian Springs, Jeffersontown, Jefferson Trace, Lyndon, Lake Forest, Locust Creek, Longwood, Middletown, Norton Commons, Oakland Hills, Plainview, Polo Fields, Prospect, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Woods, Spring Creek, Springhurst, Springview, St Matthews, Stone Lakes, Summit Ridge, Sutherland, Tucker Lake Estates, Wolf Pen Branch, Woodmont, Upper River Road.

    Oldham County, Kentucky - Cities & Subdivisions:
    Abbott Glen, Abbott Grove, Arbor Ridge, Ballardsville, Becker Quarry, Belknap Beach, Bentbrook Place, Briar Hill Estates, Brownsboro, Brownsboro Village, Buckner, Cardinal Harbour, Chapel View, Clarke Pointe, Covered Bridge Cross, Crestwood, Fairways at Glenoaks, Goshen, Grand Villa, Harmony Landing, Harmony Village, Hillcrest, Huckleberry Hill, Hunting Creek Estates, LaGrange, LeSprit, Moser Farms, North Ridge Farms, Old Anita Springs, Overlook on Covered Bridge, Paramont Estates, Pewee Valley, Ridgeview Place, River Glen, Spring Hill, Stonefield Trace, Summerfield by the Lake, Taylor Creek Woods, Westport, Woods of Hillview, Woods of Pewee Valley

    Jefferson County, Kentucky & Oldham County, KY - Partial List of Zip Codes:
    40206 40207 40222 40223 40241 40242 40243 40245 40299 40014 40023 40026 40031 40059

    A lot of times you just know the name of the street you want to be "off of", like Ballardsville, Bardstown Rd, Blankenbaker Pkwy, Brownsboro Rd, Chamberlain Lane, Colonel Anderson Pkwy, Covered Bridge, Deep Creek, Highway 22, Hwy 42, Hwy 329, Hurstbourne Pkwy, I-265, I-64, Lime Kiln Rd, Linn Station Rd, Lyndon Lane, New LaGrange Rd, River Road, Shelbyville Rd, Taylorsville Rd, Westover, Westport Rd, Wolf Pen Branch Rd, or Worthington Ln.


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    Heidi is married to her high school sweetheart, Sean Fore, and they have two little boys, Charlie and Sam.

    Louisville Ky real estate agent Heidi Fore

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