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Heidi Fore teaches people how to be successful in real estate. She teaches classes in person and virtually. 

Here are her 2023 speaking dates 


   3  Bowling Green Kentucky, KW

   18 Anaheim California, Convention Center


   10   Cincinnati Ohio, KW

   23  Palm Springs California, Convention Center


   3  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Convention Center

   5  Denver Colorado, KW Colorado Region


   15 Austin Texas, Lady Leaders event, Convention Center


   13 Phoenix Arizona, Convention Center


   11 Cincinnati, Ohio


   1 Austin Texas - Buying Rental Properties

   8 Louisville Kentucky - Financial Advice For Teens

Here are the courses she frequently teaches


Tips On Investing In Rental Properties

Learn how Heidi built her rental portfolio - where she found the deals and how she paid for them

Teaching Teens Good Habits About Money

20 things you can do to teach teens to make good financial choices

How To Make This Your Best Year Ever

Make a business plan that is easy to follow and incredibly effective. Heidi Fore has taught this course to hundreds of people from coast to coast in the USA and Jamaica.

Know Your Money-Grow Your Money 

What numbers to track in order to grow your money and feel financially secure

Different types of income

Managing debt

Types of investing you can do

Make and follow a budget

Track your net worth

Reduce spending

Invest in assets

Googlefy Your Life

Save 6 hours a week using Google tools. Feel organized again.

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